A few Important Energy Stories that You Need to See

There have been a few important developments in the world of energy that everybody needs to be aware of. The energy industry has become more unstable than ever even without the appearance of disruptive technologies like low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) and it looks like it is about to get worse. The biggest story is [...]

LENR Pioneer Joins Forces with Steam Engine Maker

An alliance that could lead to the development of vehicles and small scale generators powered by low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) has been born. Cyclone Power Technologies the maker of a next generation steam engine has hired Purdue University professor, nuclear physicist and LENR expert Yeong E. Kim as a consultant. Kim’s job at Cyclone [...]

Brillouin Inventor Shares Some Interesting Thoughts on LENR

The man behind Brillouin’s low energy nuclear reaction technology shared some interesting thoughts on the nature of cold fusion and the science behind it. Robert Godes the President and Chief Technology Officer of Brillouin Energy Corporation broke his long standing silence and voiced some interesting opinions on Gary Hendershot’s Smart Scarecrow Show on Sept. 13. [...]

Customer Sought for First Commercial LENR Heating Plant

Swedish/British startup Hydro Fusion and Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation are looking for a utility to serve as the customer for the first commercial low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) heating plant. A press release on Hydro Fusion’s website states that the two companies want to have the first central-heating plant using Rossi’s ecat LENR technology up [...]

Energy Efficiency is a No Win Game

The promoters of green technology such as President Obama are engaging in a no win game with their obsession with energy efficiency. Increased energy efficiency will not meet our civilization’s needs for energy nor will it help us avert energy shortages. Only new sources of energy such as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) will be [...]

How LENR could Save Millions of Lives Every Year

The replacement of fossil fuel burning power sources with a technology such as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) could save nearly five million lives a year. The Word Health Organization estimates that around 4.6 million people die from health problems caused by air pollution every year. Around 310,000 people die from problems related to air [...]

Where Will the Money to Finance Development of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Come From?

One thing about low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) is certain it will cost a fortune perhaps several fortunes to make it into a viable commercial energy source. My estimate is that it could several hundred million or perhaps $1 billion US (€796 million Europe) to get this technology up and running in any sort of [...]

Ecat Unit could be delivered to European Customer in July

Andrea Rossi stated that he deliver another 1 megawatt ecat low energy nuclear reaction device to a customer sometime in July. In a post on his blog Rossi did not identify the customer or the exact date for delivery. Rossi was replying a question from somebody called Franco who asked what week in July the [...]