Strange Wind Storage Project Proves What’s Wrong with Renewable Energy

A proposal for a gigantic energy project in Utah shows what’s wrong with renewable energy and why we need to invest in next generation technologies such as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). Four companies want to spend $8 billion to build a facility they claim can store wind. The “Hoover Dam of Wind Energy” or [...]

Top Materials for Cold Fusion Work

Are there any materials or commodities that might be boosted by widespread adoption of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion technology? The answer to this question is possibly the widespread utilization of LENR might increase demand for some materials. The first of these might be nickel most LENR processes including Andrea Rossi’s and [...]

US Electricity Shortage and Sky High Utility Bills Possible LENR could be the Solution

Evidence seems to indicate that the United States and Canada could soon be facing an electricity shortage like those already plaguing India, Pakistan, Japan and Chile. Wholesale prices for a kilowatt hour of electricity in New York City rose to an astronomical $1,647.56 on May 29 Bloomberg reported. New York’s electrical utility Consolidated Edison or [...]