Questions for Carl-Oscar Gullström

Mats Lewan just made this comment in the LENR initiation thread, I thought I’d put it in a separate thread in case people might not see it.

Hi all—if I would get an interview with Carl-Oscar Gullström who helped Rossi with the recent theoretical work on the E-Cat, what would you want me to ask him?
If you prefer not to post here you can email me at

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“Proof of the Reality of the Cold Synthesis of the XIAS Energoniva Synthesis of Metals demonstration” (Video)

The following comment was posted on the BLP thread by Zephir

Доказательство реальности холодного синтеза ХЯС Энергонива синтез
металлов демонстрация Энергонива – ответная ЭДС в реакторе Вачаева,
эффект Лыгина

“Proof of the reality of the cold synthesis of the CNG Energonov synthesis Metals demonstration Energoniva – response EMF in the reactor Vachaeva,
Ligin effect from……

Videos are in Russia, so feel free to ask for details. For background see…

This technology shares many resemblances for BLC Power process: high current discharge inside the water vapor plasma between copper or silver electrodes with signs of overunity – just the the arrangement of experiment is a bit different.

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Triangle Business Journal: Tom Darden Not Giving up on Cold Fusion following Settlement with Rossi

Here is a tweet from Lauren Ohnesorge, writer for the Triangle Business Journal regarding an article she has written regarding the Rossi-IH settlement. It sounds like she has interviewed Tom Darden, but ufortunately for us, the article is only available to paid subscribers.

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Google’s New Energy Storage Moonshot uses Salt and Antifreeze

An article in Bloomberg News reports about a new energy storage system — code named Malta — which is being developed by Google’s parent company Alphabet by a skunk works subsidiary simply named X. X has worked on previous “moonshot” projects such as driverless cars and Google Glass. The goal of Malta, as with other energy storage system, is to be able to capture energy provided by such sources as solar or wind, and store it for later use when the sun is not shining or the wind has dropped.

According to information provided by X to Bloomberg, the Malta system comprises vats of salt and antifreeze along with a heat pump. Here is a simple description of how the system works from the Bloomberg article:

“Two tanks are filled with salt, and two are filled with antifreeze or a hydrocarbon liquid. The system takes in energy in the form of electricity [generated from renewable sources] and turns it into separate streams of hot and cold air. The hot air heats up the salt, while the cold air cools the antifreeze, a bit like a refrigerator. The jet engine part: Flip a switch and the process reverses. Hot and cold air rush toward each other, creating powerful gusts that spin a turbine and spit out electricity when the grid needs it”

While this kind of storage technique is not new, apparently the advantage of the Malta system is able to use inexpensive materials and operate at lower temperatures than similar systems, making it more economically viable. So far only a prototype of the system has been built, but X just has now decided to reveal some information to the public.

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Railroad CEO: Fossil Fuels are Dead

An article in the Financial Times quotes Hunter Harrison, CEO of CSX, a freight railroad company, that the business of hauling coal by rail is in decline. He stated:

“Fossil fuels are dead, that’s a long-term view. It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s not going to be in two or three years. But it’s going away, in my view.”  He also said that he would not be buying a single new locomotive to haul coal trains, or add any extra tracks for coal freight.

A recent report from the Association of American Railroads states that coal represents 31.6 percent of all tonnage hauled on US Class I railroads, and provided 13.9 percent of rail revenues.

In the US, contrary to most countries, the Trump administration is pushing for a revival of coal, by easing environmental regulations, but it would seem that a lot of the damage to the coal industry has already been done, with more power stations moving to natural gas, and the increased use of wind and solar.

The consequences of a coal’s decline are not limited to the the mining industry only; from Hunter Harrison’s comments, it appears that the rail industry is looking to adjust to a new reality.

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Cold Fusion in KIJK Magazine

The following post has been submitted by Gerard McEk

An article in the popular science Dutch magazine ‘KIJK’ surprised me this week.

About two years ago KIJK published an article about hot fusion and they wrote as small remark in ‘Fusion Missers’ that fusion at room temperature has been proven impossible. Quite a few people made them aware that Cold Fusion (or LENR as it called now) is alive and that a lot of progress is made since Pons and Fleischmann. They promised to write an article about CF in the near future.

That was for me a reason to take a subscription then and I went to the redaction and offered them to help writing it. I got quite sceptical response and they said the article would not be written for the time being, so I cancelled my subscription after a year. To my surprise an CF article was published recently in the July/August issue (Nr. 8/2017). I bought it and decided to write a summary for ECW.

The heading starts with: “Is nuclear power possible at room temperature? THE NUCLEUS OF THE TRUTH”. (The question was already wrong: Of course it is, look to the fission reactors). They continue with another question: “Since the end of the eighties a small group of scientists think that they can initiate nuclear reactions at room temperatures. Many other academics totally ignore them, are they right?”  Mmmm… Promising, I thought.

Then they start to explain what Pons and Fleischmann (P&F) did in 1989. They talk about the need to overcome the repelling Coulomb force and the pressure and temperature you need to fuse hydrogen atoms and make helium and that hot fusionists were not able to do this during the decennia of research. But P&F found excess heat and they concluded that nuclear fusion took place. But in the three month after the publication no lab could find any of the effects P&F reported (like excess heat, gamma radiation and helium).

The article in KIJK also mentions that:

  1. P&F withdraw their article in Nature after feedback of Nature redaction and
  2. that they changed a picture drawn with metering data that had a fault and
  3. That the advocate of Pons would denounce a physicist that would publish that no gamma rays were found.

All quite negative toward P&F, whereas Eugine Mallove is more depicted as a conspiracy freak somewhere in the side-line of the article.

KIJK journalist  Jean-Paul Keulen talked with many scientists: dr. Jean-Paul Biberian (Aix-Marseille Université), prof. Dr. Graham Hubler (SKINR), dr. Roger Jaspers (TU Eindhoven), dr. Hugo de Blank and prof. Dr. Richard v.d.Sanden (both DIFFER) and a considerable list if literature including Edmund Storms’ ‘A student guide to cold fusion’.

Tree ‘important LENR papers, selected by Biberian were studied by some Dutch scientists’. They conclude:

  1. There is not enough detail in it to replicate,
  2. They are not consistent with each other,
  3. They do not refer to other (similar) papers
  4. The pro LENR scientist Graham Hubler confirms this quality problem with LENR papers

Nevertheless, although being sceptical one of the interviewed scientists does think there might be a possibility that there is something. “They can’t be all wrong, can they?”  The nano-cracks theory of Edmund Storms is mentioned, but Hubler thinks that the anomaly must be found in solid state physics and has no nuclear origin.


The article mentions Andrea Rossi a few times. In a small side article called “Secret invention” he is pictured as “for many the most convincing example of cold fusion”. ‘Obviously’ it is mentioned that he was jailed for tax fraud and at another location again his “dim past” is referred briefly. The article confirms that independent researchers have ascertained that the E-cat seems to produce net energy and that the composition of elements changes. “Yet”, they continue, “Most scientist dislike Rossi because he does not want to reveal how his invention works” and “Biberian says: Rossi is a businessman who wants to earn money primarily. If he wants to gain support of the scientific world, he needs to publish all the required details”.

My conclusion: They have tried to write an balanced article, but were unfortunately too sceptical for this. Most people reading this will not become enthusiastic about the subject. A missed chance.


Gerard McEk

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ECW Website Issues

This is just to let people know that there have been some problems with the E-Cat World website that are going to require me to migrate the site to a new server. I hope to have the migration accomplished in a day or two. Hopefully this will be accomplished with the minimum of downtime. The […]
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ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics Report Breakthrough in Algae Biofuel Research (Press Release)

The following press release was published on June 19th, 2017 jointly by ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics here: Algae strain developed and modified by Synthetic Genomics more than doubled oil production Additional research and testing required before commercial application Results published in peer-reviewed journal Nature Biotechnology IRVING, Texas & LA JOLLA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ExxonMobil and Synthetic […]
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LENR Article in a German Newspaper

The following post has been submitted by Wilfried Lesnik  Dear Ladies and Gentlemans, I would like to draw your intention to an article which was released on May 30th 2017 in the Berliner Zeitung, a Berlin newspaper. It sums up the events regarding LENR starting with Fleischmann & Pons until the recent ones, including all […]
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The Aether, Black Holes and the Standard Model (Chapman)

The following post was made originally be Chapman in the Always On Thread The topic of “The Aether” recently popped up in the thread about the EM Drive. I have much to say on the topic, but I did not want to divert that thread from it’s primary topic, so I will just post a […]
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