Defkalion’s Demo Winds Down

DGT’s demo is in its final stages. I watched it from start to wind-down. This is simply a quick summary of my first impressions.

I was surprised by the level of detail and the apparent freedom given to those present. That said, I was disappointed to see that only Mats Lewan stepped up to the plate to stick his nose in on our behalf. I think we all owe him for doing that. {Thank you, Mats}. Where were all the other sceptics? As far as I can tell, this was not DGT’s doing but until we know more, we cannot be sure.

We are told that the complete video set will be available online presently. For now, the salient points are that an inert run was made to check calibration of instruments and gauge system parameters using Argon. The journalist (with a degree in Engineering Physics, I believe) was allowed to roam and measure, which he did. This included him causing a fuse to blow (we will have to await his account on that) when checking the input power. The control run was ended, the Argon purged and replaced by Hydrogen. After preheating, a plasma was struck by switching on the HT input and an apparent energy gain (mostly between approx. 2.5 and 3) and sustained with an input a little under 2KW and output hovering under 6KW.

I do not want to go into all the details at this late hour. For me, the bottom line is this:


If there was no cheating, this was an important day for LENR and perhaps the world. Unfortunately, we cannot conclude that. I am open to persuasion but DGT’s past let-downs have put me on guard. Any demo conducted on their own premises by a company making grand claims starts off with a giant handicap. I accuse them of nothing except leaving the barn door open after putting so much effort into this day. Those unconvinced will see hidden tricks and that will come as no surprise.

To give an example (and please, I am not proposing this is a credible mechanism): The display on the wall was generated by data fed from a computer. During the blank run this was reasonably checked with reality. However, it is easy for software to fudge things and for the fudge to hop around depending on what was being measured at the time. For instance, we only really care about delta T on the second run. How do we know it represented reality then? I doubt such a clumsy trick but that’s not the point. As scientists, the DGT guys know that is how things will be viewed by other scientists. Any demo conducted on-site is up for criticism. Period.

The big question therefore is: Will this be enough to persuade investors? I think it might for some. While I hang on to my scepticism until they present convincing third party results performed by qualified testers, I do bow to admitting that they delivered more than I expected and I now look forward to hearing more. In particular, I would be intrigued if they use this time to reveal the third party results they promised last year.

As with Rossi and his eCat, I hope to have my scepticism dashed. This was interesting but cannot be called proof.


The videos should appear here.


Defkalion Self-Leaks Catalyst

Hydrogen is not the only leak coming from Defkalion – maybe. When Eldering_G recovered Defkalion’s unredacted report from his cache, he did so because he noticed the company had changed the pdf to one with information blanked out. He was unaware at the time that they had also withdrawn another paper which recounted a March visit by Michael Nelson to the company. This document is marked ***Extremely Confidential*** Defkalion Proprietary Information

Once again, since they put it into the public arena – albeit briefly – I consider it fair game for your reading. An immediate question arises: Are we having our chain pulled? Can the company really be that careless or is this accident designed for a purpose?

To all commenters, I welcome your take on this as I have to admit to a certain head-scratching. My physics is rusty so I’m perfectly willing to listen to those more able than I to analyze what is here. I will, however, delete any analysis which simply mocks an individual or assertion. “Who do these morons think they are?” does not cut it.

Much of the stuff we’ve seen before, but the claim that Potassium is a catalyst is new to me. Reading between the lines, they seem to say that it changes the Ni powder in some way to enhance the reaction. I find it curious that they would include such a detail but at the same time also note that they claim at least one other secret ingredient to maintain the mystery.

It is one thing to advance a theory but I’m puzzled at the apparent matter-of-fact way they discuss the virtual neutron situation. In polarizing atomic Hydrogen, they say that the elongated electron orbit brings it close enough to the nucleus to make the ensemble look like a neutron for the order of 10E-17s and (if I read them correctly) this provides a window for overcoming the coulomb barrier. My gut reaction is to call nonsense or at the very least wonder why they would include such an assertion as though they knew it to be so, without undertaking extensive basic research. Is this a case of bullshit baffling brains or is it me being thick or unfair? [All are possible, of course].

I leave it to you.

Summary of Visit to Defkalion

[Thanks, Eldering_G]


Original Defkalion Test PDF

With thanks to Eldering_G, the following is the original pdf (with signatures) from Defkalion’s test run. The document was posted on the DGT forum and then swapped for the one doing the rounds now with signatures blanked. I am on the road so post it in good faith for your comment.

2012-09-07_Test protocol signed

ETA videos (With Thanks to RonB)