E-Cat Test News Page at PESWiki

We’ve created a page over at PESWiki to track the news as it comes in on this: http://peswiki.com/index.php/News:E-Cat_Fuel_Analysis_and_Validation_Paper_Posted_October_8%2C_2014 We welcome your help in keeping it updated. We try to use GMT time with the date so we can keep things in their proper sequence of arrival. Like Wikipedia, PESWiki is publicly editable. Feel free to […]

Silicon Republic on the E-Cat Test

Irish technology news site Silicon Republic has picked up on the E-Cat Test Report and seems to be intrigued. Like other reports we have seen in the media so far, there is a cautiously optimistic response: “A device known as the E-Cat could potentially be the first real step to a cold fusion reactor after […]

Joe Shea Reports on the E-Cat Test at CNN’s iReport

Long-time ECW contributor Joe Shea has written an article that has been posted in CNN’s iReport section (where readers can post news stories). Joe’s article is titled ‘At Last, Fuel For Our Dreams’, and There are solid indications from the transformation of its secret catalyst that a nuclear reaction is taking place, but the most […]

NoTricksZone on E-Cat Test

An article by Ric Werme at the German site No Trick Zone gives a very nice summary and analysis of the most important and interesting findings of the recently published E-Cat test report. He makes some interesting observations about it including the following points: The COP increased when input was increased; 100 W extra input […]

New Nuclear Fuel Rods could boost Energy Output between 10 and 17 Per Cent

An article in the MIT Technology Review describes how nuclear engineering company Lightbridge is testing a new type of fuel rod that is expected to increase energy output by between 10 and 17 per cent. Lighbridge CEO Seth Grae states, ““We’re trying to do what is practical and what customers are asking us to address […]

MIT Developing Thermophotovoltaic Cells for ‘Perfect’ Solar Panels

A press release from MIT describes work being done there in the development of a new type of solar panel that uses a thermophotovoltaic system — i.e. a way of converting all solar energy into heat which in turn produces an electric current. The apparent breakthrough comes in the development of a “two-dimensional metallic dielectric […]

GE Takes Order for its Largest, Most Efficient Gas Turbines (61%)

General Electric has announced it has entered into a $500 million contract with Excelon Corp. to build four combined-cycle high efficiency HA gas gas turbines which will be the most efficient in the United States, along with two steam turbines and six generators. A press release from Excelon states: “The HA turbines apply advanced materials […]

Perovskite Holds Promise for Cheaper, More Efficient Solar Power

An article in the Wall Street Journal today about a mineral called perovskite which is becoming of increasing interest in energy production because of its impressive performance when used in solar cells. Researchers have been able to increase efficiency of solar cells made with perovskite-based materials to levels close to the best silicon-base solar panels […]

India Aims to Invest in Nuclear Power, Decrease Coal Use

An Indian Supreme Court decision which cancels over 200 coal mining permits because they were awarded illegally has pushed the country towards a more nuclear friendly energy policy, according to an article published today by the AFP (via Yahoo News) The Indian government wants to increase nuclear-powered electricity to 25 per cent of the nation’s […]