Zurich – Day 1

Unsurprisingly, there is a schism between those who started out sceptical of Rossi’s claims and those with a tendency to believe him when we look at the responses to today’s Zurich play. I was neither disappointed nor surprised. Andrea Rossi had prepared us to temper our expectations and then delivered as promised.

I really wish the hard sceptics would behave with a little humility (and some of the believers lay off their own abusive attacks) but I have to agree with them that nothing of substance was demonstrated. That does not mean that this is a scam but it does mean that anyone thinking of investing should jump every time they hear an alarm bell.

To be fair to the conference; they do not exist to satisfy our demands. This is business. We may be surprised tomorrow but I am not counting on it. For me; the break-point will be the delivery (or otherwise) of the University validation as promised by AR after they study the eCat in October. I will give them a short time for the report to be compiled and then make a decision. I am not as hopeful as I would like to be but this site will not exist on the day I hold no hope at all.

From my perspective and taking into account the poor audio and language difficulties, the main takeaway was that there was a lot of talk of basic stuff that is easily available to anyone on the Net and it seemed to be mostly filler. This gave me the impression that the licensees present may not know very much. That could be absolutely wrong and it is not meant as a criticism – it is merely my subjective response to what was presented.

To those among you calling Rossi’s engineer fat, you are being cowards. You would not do so to his face. He is likely much stronger than you. Lay off the personal insults, it reveals your bias and dampens the impact of anything you say that might be worth reading.

Rossi spent most of his time talking about the hotcat. I’m not going to give details here because until there is some evidence that it is real, I do not wish to propagate misinformation (should it turn out to be so). Full details are to be posted on Frank’s site over at e-CatWorld. I was interested to see that he put a strong caveat on the hotcat. Given that this was his first presentation to licensees as a collective, it was curious that he spent the time giving unverified details of a new product he says is too risky to invest in. I would have thought the audience might be more interested in hearing about what they had backed and not a blue-sky dream that might be viewed as a distraction from the tangible promises made to get them to invest in the first place.

I want to stress that I share many of the concerns the hardest of sceptics display here and elsewhere but deplore the scatter-gun insults that paints anyone in their anonymous sights as scammers, idiots, gullible, morons or any of the other descriptors from the bag of insults they wear slung at the ready. Not all sceptics behave this way (I try not to and others manage it, too. Thank you, all). Unfortunately, such poor behaviour is evident in some from the other camp and reading the resulting spat is unproductive, boring and leaves a nasty taste. Being right (in your own eyes) on an Internet forum is not worth the bile you are sending through your system or the damage you do to those who have done nothing to you.

Stop the mudslinging. If it means that this site dies, so be it.