Global Warming Gets Worse Threatens Food Supply

Data indicates that global warming is getting worse and threatening the world’s food supply. The first six months of 2017 were the second-hottest on record NASDA data indicates, The Guardian reported. NASA scientists found that temperatures are nearly one degree (.94) Celsius higher than the 1950 to 1980 average. What’s truly disturbing is that the [...]

Rossi Plans Demonstration, Piantelli Has New Patent

Andrea Rossi is planning yet another “public demonstration” of his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology. He also claims to have new partners to replace Industrial Heat and Tom Darden; with whom he is now in an all-out legal war. On May 7, 2016; Rossi made the lowing post on his blog: “Peter Metz: [...]

New LENR Device could be unveiled at upcoming conferences

The Italian news source is reporting that video of low energy nuclear reaction experiments at Defkalion’s laboratories in Milan, Italy, will be broadcast live on Monday July 22, 2013, at this website. I cannot find proof of this there but it might be worth checking out. Defkalion does have a facility in Milan. The [...]

Slideshow Reveals Defkalion’s LENR Testing and Construction

Defkalion Green Technologies has released a slide show of pictures of laboratory and construction work at its facility in Xanthi in Northern Greece. The pictures released include several of its Hyperion Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device, shots of the screens of computers monitoring LENR tests and some images of new laboratories under construction. There are [...]