Fleischmann Project Marches On

Our friends over at the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project haven’t attracted the attention that Andrea Rossi has or major investments but they’ve made some impressive progress in their low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research lately. The most impressive thing about the Project is its ability to use limited resources, homemade equipment and improvised technology to [...]

Swedish Government Reveals Cold Fusion Research

A government agency connected with the Swedish military has revealed that it is conducting low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion experiments. The experiments reportedly involve nickel and hydrogen reactions similar to those in Andrea Rossi’s ecat device.   The research is being conducted by the Defense Material Agency or FMW, Sweden’s equivalent to [...]

LENR Researchers Making Slow but Study Progress

Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) researchers out there seem to be making slow but steady progress. No big breakthroughs are coming out but posts at Andrea Rossi’s blog and the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project indicate some progress is occurring. Andrea Rossi admits that he has produced some results with his ecat LENR device that he [...]

Cold Fusion Pioneer says LENR is not Fusion

The man who invented the term “cold fusion” now says that the effect popularly described as cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) is not fusion. Professor Emeritus Steven E. Jones told Sterling D. Allan of Pure Energy Systems that he’s not sure what to call the effect. Jones is the man who came [...]

Italian High School Students Build Cold Fusion Device

Cold fusion or LENR devices are apparently much easier to build than some people assume. An Italian high school science teacher and his students have reportedly built, tested and patented a device similar to that used by Pons and Fleischman to start the low energy nuclear reaction movement back in 1989. The teacher an engineer [...]

Rossi threatens Puppeteers with Law Suit Celani’s CERN LENR Presentation Available

  Andrea Rossi is now threatening to sue the puppeteers the shadowy group he blames for smearing his reputation and his ecat in the press and online. Rossi did not identify the “puppeteers” or their “puppets” although New Energy Times and the New Energy Institute would presumably be among them. Dick Smith could be another [...]