Rossi: American Manufacturer Building and Testing ecats in USA!!

Andrea Rossi stated that a new long term test of his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology is underway in a U.S factory on his blog. The inventor stated that the ecats being tested in the factory were manufactured in the USA. The test is being conducted by an independent committee and will last [...]

Rossi wants Public Demonstration eCat Plant in Sweden

Andrea Rossi wants to build a plant to publicly demonstrate his e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) in technology this year. In posts on his blog Rossi indicated that his Northern European licensee HydroFusion wants to build a demonstration plant using the ecat technology somewhere near the Swedish capitol of Stockholm. Rossi also stated that [...]

Strong Earthquake in Bologna, Rossi claims to have 600 degree Ecat

What media sources are describing as a strong earthquake  struck Bologna, Italy, where Andrea Rossi is carrying out his ecat research on Sunday, May 20. Rossi’s workshop, laboratory and a production facility for the ecat low energy nuclear reaction devices are in the city. Rossi himself lives in Miami Beach Florida but frequently visits Bologna. [...]

Slideshow Reveals Defkalion’s LENR Testing and Construction

Defkalion Green Technologies has released a slide show of pictures of laboratory and construction work at its facility in Xanthi in Northern Greece. The pictures released include several of its Hyperion Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device, shots of the screens of computers monitoring LENR tests and some images of new laboratories under construction. There are [...]