Rossi Details Invention of Rossi Effect and ecat R&D

Andrea Rossi has detailed the origins of his Rossi effect low energy nuclear reaction phenomenon. The effect is the basis of Rossi’s ecat LENR technology. The Italian-American inventor stated that he invented the effect in Manchester, New Hampshire, in 1996. Rossi stated that he used a 4 volt battery to melt some nickel and produced [...]

Customer Sought for First Commercial LENR Heating Plant

Swedish/British startup Hydro Fusion and Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation are looking for a utility to serve as the customer for the first commercial low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) heating plant. A press release on Hydro Fusion’s website states that the two companies want to have the first central-heating plant using Rossi’s ecat LENR technology up [...]

Why is there so Much Resistance to LENR?

Even though Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) seems to be the best hope for solving humanity’s energy problems there seems to be a lot of resistance to it. Why are people including scientists, politicians and businessmen so reluctant to acknowledge the New Fire’s potential? Part of the reason is the nature of cold fusion or [...]

LENR/Cold Fusion Year in Review 2012

Although it didn’t produce the breakthroughs that some people were hoping for 2012 was an interesting and exciting year in the terms of cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). There were a lot of fascinating developments even if the big breakthrough didn’t occur (or if it did nobody noticed). So what were the [...]

How LENR will Improve Life for the Average Family

The widespread utilization of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) or cold fusion will significantly lower the cost of living for the average family. This of course will greatly improve the lifestyle of the average family. The average American family spends around $1,000 a year on heating costs according to the US Energy Information Administration. If [...]

Top Materials for Cold Fusion Work

Are there any materials or commodities that might be boosted by widespread adoption of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion technology? The answer to this question is possibly the widespread utilization of LENR might increase demand for some materials. The first of these might be nickel most LENR processes including Andrea Rossi’s and [...]

Brillouin Moving Forward

Brillouin Energy Corporation the Berkley California firm that is developing and testing a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR)  boiler with the respected SRI (formerly the Stanford Research Institute) research laboratory in California is moving forward. The company has totally revamped its website (this one actually appears to work) and announced some more information about itself [...]