Rossi Sues Industrial Heat announces Third Party Validation of Ecat

The relationship between Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation and Tom Darden’s Industrial Heat LLC has apparently fallen apart. The Leonardo Corporation has filed a federal lawsuit against Industrial Heat for breach of an industrial license and misappropriation of intellectual property on April 5, 2015, a press release states. Rossi is apparently claiming that Industrial Heat violated [...]

Rumor Mill Hedge Fund identified as E-cat and Leonardo Corp owner

Unconfirmed rumors reported by several media outlets have identified the mysterious investor that bought the e-cat low energy nuclear reaction device and Leonardo Corporation from Andrea Rossi as Cherokee Investment Partners LLC. Cherokee is a private company or hedge fund based in Raleigh, North Carolina. E-Cat World claims that Cherokee formed a subsidiary called Industrial [...]

Rossi: Three Ecat Units on the Way to America

Andrea Rossi has confirmed that three of his one megawatt ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) units were shipped to the USA in April. In posts on his blog Rossi said that one industrial ecat unit and two experimental ecats were shipped to his unidentified USA partner. Rossi stated that the units are going by [...]

New Website Provides LENR Proof and Details Rossi’s Relationship with Siemens

A  website provides called LENRPROOF.COM a lot of good information about low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion. The site contains a power point presentation put together by Tyler van Houwelingen founder of a wireless company called Mr. Van Houlelingen is a former engineer at Intel and a former consultant at McKinsey & [...]