Rossi Sues Industrial Heat announces Third Party Validation of Ecat

The relationship between Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation and Tom Darden’s Industrial Heat LLC has apparently fallen apart. The Leonardo Corporation has filed a federal lawsuit against Industrial Heat for breach of an industrial license and misappropriation of intellectual property on April 5, 2015, a press release states. Rossi is apparently claiming that Industrial Heat violated [...]

Better Zurich eCat Video

If, like me, you struggled to hear the Zurich live feed over the weekend, you will thank Sterling Allan for the following videos. There are two but I will only embed one in fairness to Sterling and to encourage you to visit his site. Even though I watched the whole thing on both days, I found the quality of this version outshines that of the live stream and I caught some interesting detail here. It struck me how often Rossi mentioned that the hotcat tests are ongoing and unproven as yet. It may be projection on my part but, did he have something on his mind at the time in this regard? When asked why Magnus Holmes was not present, Rossi said that he was otherwise busy but was there in spirit (or words to that effect).

Some of the highlights are as follows. Please note that I often paraphrase and be warned that my interpretation may be wrong. If something is important to you, check for yourself (and correct me in comments if required). Lengthy as it is, I advise you to watch the complete thing if you have the time and inclination. At the end, Sterling does a paparazzi stalk on Rossi. This was entertaining and led to a surprise answer right at the end as the Italian was getting into his taxi (1.21.00).

Q from audience members and A from Rossi.

Q – Would AR please run a workshop to allow us to run the 10KW eCat for at least 10 days to help us convince customers and investors?

A – Not 10 days but we have already reports for three months and six months which we will release soon.

Q – What is the ratio of Ni to Cu conversion?

A – Although we get this happening we are no longer certain it is the main process but a side effect of the 10-100KeV Gammas that are emitted.

Q (40mins) – Is there any … for you to go ahead?

A – I am not strong and not intelligent – it is all down to God

Q (42.15) – Why is Magnus Holmes not here?

A – He had some important meetings in Stockholm and excuses himself. All his content was in my presentation. I am sure his heart was here.

Q (43.45) – When will 1MW certifications be granted?

A – Already have safety certs for industrial plants but not domestic. Industry is easier because they have procedures etc to ensure proper use and conformation to liabilities. But for domestic… someone drunk in house can cause problems… Will be long time with good stats in industry before get safety certs for domestic.

Q – (46.05) When gas eCat safety certs

A – It should be no problem…

Q – (49.00) Any future problem with nuclear authorities regarding safety certs?

A – No. We got the safety cert because we could give guarantees that we do not use radioactive materials, produce radiative materials and no radiation is emitted outside the device during operation. Yes, we produce radiations to make heat but also microwave ovens do this. Laws already exist for their regulation and the microwave radiations are in the same range as ours. .. blah, blah, phones etc. Cert says we do not use radioactive materials or produce then…etc. Therefore they enter into the same category as the devices in your house, your pocket etc… think television – to have command of television [remote].

Q – (52.30) Where has certification taken place. Is it in Europe and is it CE or E Cert?

A –  Swiss company, SGS.  Valid for all Europe. Allows us to put CE mark on our industrial products.  This is a safety certification.  It is a voluntary certification. The law does not impose a safety certification.  By European laws you can also take the safety liabilities by yourself. You are not bound by law to make a safety cert by the likes of SGS or UL etc. You can put the CE mark by yourself. But doing it this way it is difficult to get authorization. Industrial plants must also get permissions from local authorities. If you want you can go to an Internationally recognized cert company and request a safety cert from them on a voluntary basis. We changed the design to conform to their suggestions. We learned from them. They made a myriad of modifications. We had to also take our liabilities because they say: “I certify you, if what you say is true.”  “I certify you if you fix what we say.” “If you say something that is not true and make something different from what I say, then… well.” We also changed the instruction manual on their advice. They made it in our favour.

Q (49.05) Is the 1MW plant already running some months?

A 1MW is running very well in a military concern. A civil plant we are ready to deliver has been used just to check it. Soon it will be delivered and after 2 or 3 months of consolidated operation it will be visitable.

Q (59) The COP seems low in HotCat…

A – The COP we quoted is a minimum after taking all the conservative calculations. We aim to have at least a 6 COP. The most important thing for the professors and the military engineer is not the COP but the position of the dot in the Ragon graph. Is it a nuclear effect? Can we rule out chemical? When we reach 1050 Celsius we will be able to operate in self-sustain for 50% of the time. (then talks about thermal camera etc in hotcat).

Q (1.21.00) What do you say to those who want to invest?

A – Don’t do it. We are  still developing the technology. We need to sell our 1MW plants and keep developing until ready. When our plants have been in operation for a long time that will be when to invest and not before.

Other video and more at PESN


[Note new post. Rossi gives his account of HotCat 'mismeasurement']

Zurich – Day 1

Unsurprisingly, there is a schism between those who started out sceptical of Rossi’s claims and those with a tendency to believe him when we look at the responses to today’s Zurich play. I was neither disappointed nor surprised. Andrea Rossi had prepared us to temper our expectations and then delivered as promised.

I really wish the hard sceptics would behave with a little humility (and some of the believers lay off their own abusive attacks) but I have to agree with them that nothing of substance was demonstrated. That does not mean that this is a scam but it does mean that anyone thinking of investing should jump every time they hear an alarm bell.

To be fair to the conference; they do not exist to satisfy our demands. This is business. We may be surprised tomorrow but I am not counting on it. For me; the break-point will be the delivery (or otherwise) of the University validation as promised by AR after they study the eCat in October. I will give them a short time for the report to be compiled and then make a decision. I am not as hopeful as I would like to be but this site will not exist on the day I hold no hope at all.

From my perspective and taking into account the poor audio and language difficulties, the main takeaway was that there was a lot of talk of basic stuff that is easily available to anyone on the Net and it seemed to be mostly filler. This gave me the impression that the licensees present may not know very much. That could be absolutely wrong and it is not meant as a criticism – it is merely my subjective response to what was presented.

To those among you calling Rossi’s engineer fat, you are being cowards. You would not do so to his face. He is likely much stronger than you. Lay off the personal insults, it reveals your bias and dampens the impact of anything you say that might be worth reading.

Rossi spent most of his time talking about the hotcat. I’m not going to give details here because until there is some evidence that it is real, I do not wish to propagate misinformation (should it turn out to be so). Full details are to be posted on Frank’s site over at e-CatWorld. I was interested to see that he put a strong caveat on the hotcat. Given that this was his first presentation to licensees as a collective, it was curious that he spent the time giving unverified details of a new product he says is too risky to invest in. I would have thought the audience might be more interested in hearing about what they had backed and not a blue-sky dream that might be viewed as a distraction from the tangible promises made to get them to invest in the first place.

I want to stress that I share many of the concerns the hardest of sceptics display here and elsewhere but deplore the scatter-gun insults that paints anyone in their anonymous sights as scammers, idiots, gullible, morons or any of the other descriptors from the bag of insults they wear slung at the ready. Not all sceptics behave this way (I try not to and others manage it, too. Thank you, all). Unfortunately, such poor behaviour is evident in some from the other camp and reading the resulting spat is unproductive, boring and leaves a nasty taste. Being right (in your own eyes) on an Internet forum is not worth the bile you are sending through your system or the damage you do to those who have done nothing to you.

Stop the mudslinging. If it means that this site dies, so be it.