Major LENR Demonstrations Held

There were two major demonstrations of little known low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) devices in the last week of January. These demonstrations spotlight lesser known companies that are fast becoming major players. Mitchell Swartz of Jet Energy again demonstrated and lectured about his NANOR and Phusor cold fusion devices at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [...]

More Indications of Global Warming Show Need for LENR

The need for forms of energy that produce no greenhouse gases such as low energy nuclear reaction is becoming more urgent. Circumstantial evidence that global warming and climate change are real and getting worse is mounting. Soon even the most vocal skeptics are going to have to change their minds. Satellite photos indicate that Greenland’s [...]

Licensing would be the Best Way to Commercialize LENR

Licensing would be the best method of commercializing low energy nuclear reaction technology and getting it in wide use. Licensing means to sell or grant somebody the right to use your technology in a specific way. Licensing is both very common and highly effective. Microsoft licenses other companies to use its software in other ways. [...]

Cold Fusion is not necessarily a Threat to Oil

Even though it is highly probable that cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction will take over as our civilization’s primary power source at some point, it is doubtful that LENR will drive the oil industry out of business anytime soon. Oil is simply too useful a raw material and too potent a power source [...]