Members of The 3rd Party Report Commission

The much awaited third party reports regarding the functioning of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat have now been released, with all of the confirmation necessary to bring LENR into the mainstream. The members of the third party team, long kept secret by Mr. Rossi, have also been revealed. These include physicists and scientists from Italy and Sweden.  [...]

Andrea Rossi Interview

Sterling Allan of  Pure Energy Systems News and Frank Acland of E-CatWorld recently interviewed Andrea Rossi about the LENR technology he has been perfecting.  The interview was hosted by Gary Hendershot with SmartScarecrow. Here is some of the information that Allan shared concerning the interview, which ran an hour and a half. Sterling Allan asked [...]

An Update on Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat

Yesterday Sterling D. Allan of PESN and Frank Acland of E-CatWorld conducted a one and a half hour interview with Andrea Rossi hosted by Gary Hendershot on his SmartScarecrow service regarding developments in the E-Cat technology based on the cold fusion technology called “LENR” for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. SmartScarecrow has chat room where people [...]