A Few Energy News Stories You Probably Missed

There’s a lot of energy news going on out there much of which is not being covered by the mainstream media. Low energy nuclear reaction or LENR is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to big energy news going on these days. Some huge energy stories you have probably missed include: Bill [...]

Mitsubishi-Toyota LENR Transmutation

A number of eCatNews posters have questioned the lack of attention given to the Mitsubishi -Toyota results cited in Celani’s recent CERN presentation. Given the date on the linked pdf (2002) and the pedigree of the organisations involved, it is curious that such (apparently) strong evidence of low energy nuclear transmutation (from Cs to Pr) has not given LENR-denouncers pause for thought. I place the link here to focus attention in the hope that our resident experts might help us understand why the evidence for LENR ( including these transmutation results and more) does not spark a change in attitude. Given such a change and considering where LENR could lead us as a species, surely it is criminally stupid not to give the field some real attention and public backing?

The pdf in question

[With thanks to Shane D and Spacegoat]