ECW Test Preparation — Help Needed

We are working on some preparation for the E-Cat Presentation and would like to request some help from readers here. It is fairly simple — we just need 25 people to subscribe to a YouTube channel that we have set up for E-Cat World.

All you need to do is to go to this link, and click on subscribe.

Thank you!

Questions About the SunCell

The following post was made on another thread by Val K. I thought it would be useful to put it in its own thread for discussion. I am not an LENR or hydrino energy adept. I am not even a physicist. I just recently bumped into the topic of hydrino energy and became curious. I […]

New Paper by Leif Holmlid: “Mesons from Laser-Induced Processes in Ultra-Dense Hydrogen H(0)”

There has been some discussion here already about the paper published on January 12 by Swedish scientist Leif Holmlid on the PLOS website titled “Mesons from Laser-Induced Processes in Ultra-Dense Hydrogen H(0)”, and I thought it worth putting in its own thread. The article can be accessed here: The paper describes the results of […]

The Final Result of “E-capture” (Gerhard Hunf)

The following post has been submitted by Gerhard Hunf The final result of “e-capture” The direct result of an “e-capture” is an “element shift”. The reason for this is the conversion of a nuclear proton into a neutron. This process is always endothermic (+ Δm). Examples for this are: Hydrogen to the neutron; Nickel to […]

Who Owns the E-Cat Now?

Andrea Rossi might have other financial backers for his e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology that we might be unaware of. The existence of such a backer seems to be revealed by Rossi’s lawsuit against his former partners at Industrial Heat LLC. E-cat World’s Frank Acland pointed out that one of the key witnesses [...]

Rossi: ‘Distributed Heat Will be the Start’

I asked Rossi about a topic he had brought up some weeks ago, to find out what his current thinking/plans were for district heating: Frank Acland August 17, 2016 at 1:36 PM Dear Andrea, A few weeks ago you said you thought the first commercial application for the industrial E-Cat plants would be in the […]

And It’s Gone…

I had hoped that eCatNews would die after my last post, with commenters using the announcement to organise a move to another site. The world is full of amazing people doing extraordinary things to make our lives better and our time here is too short to dwell on negativity. While I am grateful to all those who contributed to lifting the eCat veil, the school-yard sniping so often present is not something I wish to read every day. Unfortunately, with such a controversial subject, it must be policed, no matter how light the hand. For that reason, I now close the comments and banish arguments surrounding Rossi from my daily inbox.

If you wish to safeguard posts here for your research, now is the time to scrape the site.

No matter where you stand on the subject, I wish you well. Tear yourself away from all things toxic. Science is your friend, the Universe too grand to waste your focus on something so petty. You are better than that.

ETA: A request from long-time contributor, popeye – the following is one alternative gathering place – I know nothing about the venue but suspect it will be sceptic-friendly.